My Underwater Photography Journey Craig Morris

I’ve always loved photography. When I was 16, I used to go to Hackney Wick Stadium in London on a Friday night to capture the best shots I could get of the speedway bikes that lay sideways on the shale. From 17 until my early 20’s, I raced motorcycles at all the famous UK road racing circuits, and I always made sure that I had a camera on me.

Fast forward a few years later, after I had stopped racing, and Instead at the weekend I would travel around Europe to visit motor racing circuits across the continent, taking pictures both track side and in the pits.

Once I started diving and began to see the wonders of the underwater world, taking a camera with me was just natural progression. For two years I used a point and shoot: first, the Nikon AW130, followed by the Nikon AW300. Considering it was a small handheld with no external strobes, I got some good results. Macro and wide-angle settings helped, but being used to controlling the settings myself, I found them a bit frustrating.

In 2016 I bit the bullet and invested in my current setup. Now, I shoot with an Olympus OMD 1 MkII, a mirrorless four-thirds camera, with the Olympus 14-42mm lens in a Nauticam housing. The housing has wet lenses, which means that I can switch between both a wide-angle dome and a macro lens during my dives, giving me the best of both worlds. I’ve also got two Inon Z240 strobes on Nauticam arms to complete the setup.

I don’t consider myself an expert at all – just a reasonable amateur that has quite a lot of experience in wrecks, reefs, shark drives, black water dives, and all sorts of other environments. I’m more than happy to offer any advice of assistance if you would like to get in touch. If I don’t know the answer, then I know people who will! Look at the gallery below for some of my own favourite shots.

Clown fish at home on anemone
Surgeon fish
Cenote Chat Mool Mexico
Early evening and dappled light, Red Sea
The puppy dogs of the ocean
1_2 a sec before bumping my camera
Tiger shark charges Lemon shark
A beautiful smile
Bull Shark up close and personal
Inquisitive Lemon Shark
Mum and calf
Blue Spotted Stingray
Hermit Crab
Lion Fish in Florida
Two large turtles in the Red Sea
Tiny Hermit Crab Fort Lauderdale
Farne Islands
Farne Islands UK 2
Farne Islands UK 3

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